Grab A Spoon, Take Part in World Record Attempt for Longest Ice Cream Dessert

12697018_10153728277280804_2787719327708035679_oHouse of Flavors of Ludington invites any and all ice cream lovers to belly up to a half-mile long ice cream sundae on Ludington Avenue between Park and Harrison Streets in downtown Ludington and eat House of Flavors ice cream to help win the Guinness World Record for the Longest Ice Cream Dessert. The attempt will take place at 6pm on June 11, and is one of the many family-friendly events happening as part of ‘Love Ludington’ Weekend.

Fun Facts About the Longest Ice Cream Dessert Guinness World Record Attempt:

  • Length of dessert: Half mile – 2,640 feet; 31,680 inches; more than eight city blocks
  • Amount of ice cream: 855 gallons from 285 three-gallon containers served into 12,825+ scoops
  • Toppings and amounts: 800 pounds of chocolate syrup, 600 cans of whipped cream and 2,000 maraschino cherries from Michigan Cherryworks (aka CherryMan) in Hart, Mich.
  • Container: A continuous metal trough constructed from seamless house gutter by Superior Seamless Gutter and Square Deal Building Supply in Ludington, Mich.
  • Number of people involved: 7,500+: 6,400+ to eat ice cream, 550 scoopers and 550 volunteers
  • World Record qualifications: Dessert must be one continuous food item, entirely edible (and consumed), and have at least one extra topping in addition to ice cream.

More than 6,000 people are needed to consume two scoops of ice cream each, and eaters should arrive by 5 p.m. at any point along the eight-block stretch to watch construction of the ice cream trough and building of the dessert before they eat at 6 p.m. The trough will be a serving dish from which ice cream will be scooped into individual bowls for consumption. No registration is necessary to eat at the event, but participants can RSVP at the event Facebook page where they can also follow event details.

Those wishing to volunteer as a ‘scooper’ can register at