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4 Things to do on Lake Michigan



Lake Michigan will entice anyone to plan a trip North. Once you have arrived at Lake Michigan, you can come across a common problem: there are too many things to choose from! What do you do first? We hope the options below will help you on your journey on Lake Michigan.



Charter Boat Fishing



charter fish



There is something about waking up before the sun rises that gets you in the spirit of fishing. You board the boat, watch the anticipated yellow and pink sun rise over Lake Michigan, and you begin your fishing trip. Does this sound good to you?  Lake Michigan provides some of the best fishing in the Midwest. Come check it out for yourself!



Ludington Beaches



Pennsylvania Dutch Cemetery 1



Wherever you are spending your vacation here in Ludington, you are only minutes away from beautiful Lake Michigan. Plan a beach day, and enjoy the scenic beauty that Lake Michigan has to offer. You can pack a lunch, catch some rays, play in the sand, and swim through the gentle waves that sweep unto the lakeside. You are sure to remember this day of family fun for years to come. It’s time to get to know Ludington’s magnificent beaches!



 S.S Badger Car Ferry



S S  Badger sailing p#672F5



If you somehow tire of the beach, take a load off on the S.S Badger. The S.S Badger is a distinctive boat, which provides a very unique journey across Lake Michigan. If you are looking for a fun and relaxing time, the S.S Badger will provide you the opportunity to do that. Sail away today on the S.S Badger!



Sunset Bonfire



2014 (3)



The third and final sunset bonfire of the summer-season is upon us. Let's take delight in our last Thursday in August with a bonfire, good friends and, of course, Lake Michigan. Local musician, Tim Krause, will be providing live entertainment for all to enjoy. Bring your own beach chair and blankets for your comfort around the fire. Come celebrate this incredible bonfire and live music on Thursday, August 27th from 8-10 p.m. Let's end the summer right!


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