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The Ultimate "Mancation"

The Ultimate “Mancation”: Fishing on Lake Michigan, Golfing and Nightlife

Ready for a "mancation?" A man needs his man time; there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. With that said, it’s time to pack your bags for your Northern Michigan "mancation" getaway.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you want to get away and have a vacation? Do you want to be in the sun, have a few beers; spend the day out on the water, relax inside a quaint bar, or do you want to take a few swings out on the golf course? What if we told you that you could do it all? Here in Ludington, we are surrounded with our majestic beaches, blue water, and impeccable natural beauty. In Ludington you are able to experience it all while enjoying your very own "mancation."


The Ludington Area offers numerous ways to keep you entertained during your “mancation.”



If you are the type of guy that could spend an entire day out on the boat enjoying a surrealEl-Lin amount of beauty, Lake Michigan charter boat fishing is a must. There are many who would say that fishing is one of the most therapeutic things one can experience in your life, so why not do it! Your first step in your fishing getaway is to choose a fishing guide tailored to your needs. After choosing a charter boat captain, go down your personal checklist of what you will need and get on that boat!  When you fish with one of Ludington’s charters, it’s all about having fun. You can rely on the Ludington area charter boats to provide you with a safe and successful trip!



How does a day spent on one of Ludington's golf courses sound to you?



There are a number of golf courses in the Ludington area that will challenge and relax any golfgolfer, as well as provide an ample amount of scenic beauty. How will you choose what course is best for you? Your questions about any course can be answered by calling the course that speaks to you. Find out what specials are going on, and what their tee times are. Whatever level of ability you are at in golf, there is a golf course playable for you.



Don’t worry, the fun will continue to even after the sun goes down!



No matter how much paperwork has piled up on your desk, or how many emails are left mitten-bar-2
unopened in your inbox, try to forget about it for one whole weekend. Take a seat in one of Ludington’s finest bars. What’s better than relaxing and having a good ole’ beer?  Your experience will be filled with great company and great beer. It’s bar season, so there are many diverse beers you will be able to choose from. Do you also want live music while enjoying your favorite drink? There are many select places that offer live music.  Make your way to downtown Ludington and enjoy an evening at one of our local establishments.



Don’t forget to treat yourself to a "mancation" once in a while, and remember that Ludington, MI is the perfect destination for such an occasion. Hope the "mancation" treats you well!


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