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The SS Badger Car Ferry From Ludington To Manitowac

SS Badger

The S.S. Badger offers the largest, cross-lake passenger service on the Great Lakes and an authentic steamship experience. She is the largest car ferry ever to sail Lake Michigan, measuring 410 feet and weighing in at 6,650 tons displaced, and has provided a safe, fun, and reliable shortcut across the huge, inland sea for more than 60 years.

The S.S. Badger sails daily between Wisconsin and Michigan, from mid-May through mid-October. The relaxing four-hour, 60-mile cruise takes passengers, autos, RVs, tour buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and commercial trucks across Lake Michigan between Ludington, Michigan, and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. While aboard the ship, you can enjoy many amenities including: outside deck areas, deli-style snack bar, buffet-style dining area, private staterooms, upper-deck lounge, aft-end lounge, video arcade, children's playroom, gift shop/ship's store, free quiet room/museum, two free TV lounges and a free movie lounge!

The S.S. Badger, known as the Queen of the Great Lakes, is a national treasure, offering a cruise experience that links us to an earlier time, when a sea voyage was the ultimate travel and vacation adventure. Blending tradition with innovation, the Badger affords a rare opportunity to take a step back into the past and take a journey that's as important as the destination.

S.S. Badger Historical Awards & Destinations

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