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5 Ways to Love the SS Badger Carferry


While the SS Badger has suspended daily excursions for the remainder of the season due to damage to its ramp system, Pure Ludington hopes the passenger carferry’s fans will find other ways to support the Badger in 2023. Here, we have outlined some Badger-themed ideas for you to try, whether you are near or far!

1. Shop the Online Gift Shop

Lake Michigan Carferry offers a great variety of carferry-themed items in its online gift shop. Complete a project like a mini-Badger model or puzzle, purchase a t-shirt, or collect a 70th anniversary commemorative coin - all at

2. Purchase a Carferry Photograph

Ludington photographers, Todd and Brad Reed, have a collection of images they’ve captured that are available for sale online. Metal, canvas and traditional prints are available from which to choose. Find more information on their website here.

baby badger.png

3. Ride the SS Baby Badger

Did you know there is a replica of the SS Badger in kid size? Children may ride in the SS Baby Badger during upcoming Movies in the Park events on Thursday nights in August. Baby Badger Rides and concessions begin at 7:30 p.m. until dusk when the movie starts. These events are held in Rotary Park.


4. Visit SS Badger Exhibits

Learn the history of carferries by visiting the Port of Ludington Maritime Museum, or check out the SS Badger sculpture located at Waterfront Park. Click here to hear an audible recording about the sculpture. Kids may also visit an SS Badger exhibit at Sandcastles Children’s Museum and climb inside the ship for a boatload of fun!badger playship.jpeg

5. Enjoy a Carferry-themed Beer

Visit Ludington Bay Brewing Company for a Badger Blue, a blueberry-cream ale that pays homage to the local ship each year. Jamesport Brewing Company offers a Badger Brown that is available in the taproom. Both breweries are located on James Street, close to the Badger dock.

Share your favorite SS Badger photos with us using #PureLudington.

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