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5 Reasons To Snowshoe in Ludington

If you’re looking for a new way to exercise and a great way to explore the outdoors, head to Pure Ludington, where you will find some amazing sets of trails for snowshoeing. Strap on your wooden feet, stomp through the frosty fluff, stop for a bonfire -- and you will leave refreshed, revitalized and satisfied.


Here why Ludington is an ideal snowshoe destination:

1. The Scenery

The most popular choice among snowshoers is the Ludington State Park, where you can meander through forested lands and sand dunes overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan. The trails winding through the property display the charm of snow-dusted trees, as well as a rippling river and a nearby inland lake.

The Nordhouse Dunes Recreation Area north of Ludington is another spectacular place to explore hiking trails with views of Lake Michigan, wooded forests and sand  dunes.

2014-02-08 13.12.26.jpg

 2. Exercise/ Challenge

If you are a beginner, you’ll want to check out the trails that twist through pearly landscape of the Ludington School Forest. There are over two miles of paths designated for hiking, so it’s a great place for beginners to experience a leisurely excursion.

Backcountry enthusiasts who are ready for a challenge should head to Nordhouse Dunes. Here you will find more challenging terrain, with a 20-mile trail system through primitive natural areas.

3. Lanterns

Evening, lantern-lit snowshoe hikes turn the Ludington State Park into a magical, winter wonderland. Seventy-five lanterns light a one-mile loop through the park, making this a favorite activity among locals!

Lantern Lit _LSP (2).jpg

4. Bonfires with Hot Cocoa

Two bonfires are located in the state park during evening events, offering hikers opportunity to take a break, warm up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy conversation with family and friends.


5. Family Time 

Snowshoeing is a great way to get outdoors and allow children to experience a non-virtual reality. It’s an excellent opportunity to teach your kids the importance of exercise, fresh air and a new perspective. 

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Here are the snowshoe and ski events planned in 2020 at the Ludington State Park. (60 pairs of snowshoes are available to borrow.)

Guided snowshoe hikes, starting at 2 p.m:

Lantern-lit snowshoe hikes, starting at 6 p.m.:

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