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Top 5 Places to Catch a Pure Ludington Sunset

One thing we are almost always guaranteed of when spending time outdoors is a picturesque landscape of lightly painted colors in the sky. Sunsets on the horizon here in Ludington mark the close of a successful day on the lakeshore. Listed here are a few of the best places to find yourself with a nice view.

1. Ludington Waterfront Park

Wandering among the bronze sculptures telling of Ludington’s history and highlights, the view of the S.S. Badger sitting proudly in the channel after a day on the water, a bench calls you over to sit back and relax while you take in the beauty of the sunset against the boats nestling into the marina at the close of their adventurous day.

2. Walking the beach

Your toes burying into the warm sand, the breeze coming in off of the water as the heat from the sun gets a bit milder. As you are walking along the beach with the waves washing up onto your feet the reflection of the suns glow slowly fading away into the water.

3. North Breakwater Lighthouse

For another post to wave hello to the passengers on the S.S. Badger and take in a gorgeous view of Lake Michigan, the City of Ludington and a striking piece of maritime history, The North Breakwater Lighthouse is a half mile walk down the pier so you can enjoy a city stroll to the view and reward yourself with the end of the day sky show.

4. Deck of beach house in state park

Expansive decks nestled amongst the sands of the Ludington State Park have a perch that is perfect for a picnic and a relaxing place to unwind. The reflections of the clouds and vividly marked horizon will paint the sky for your own show. Take in the beauty amidst one of the most handsome beaches in Michigan.

5. Canoeing on Hamlin Lake

After a day of hiking through Ludington State Park and seeing the lovely scenery there is to offer, it’s great to work in an arm work-out as well. With a canoe or kayak you are able to access Hamlin Lake and enjoy the serene canoe trail within the park and the access points to Hamlin Lake. There are many points within the paddling area where you can sit in total solitude and enjoy the peace of nature and an exquisitely painted sky.