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Ludington Charter Boat Association


Ludington is Lake Michigan’s #1 fishing port, with more than 60 licensed charter boats and guides available. In fact, more more trout and salmon are caught out of the port of Ludington each year than any other port in the state.

The Ludington Area Charterboat Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing accurate information about fishing and fishing charters in the Ludington area. The LACA website provides access information for nearly all licensed Captains in the area. Member Captains listed on our website must be USCG licensed, fully insured, Michigan DNR inspected and possess a US Government Dept. of Homeland Security Identity card. You can be sure the Captain you call is fully certified and qualified if he/she is listed on our not-for-profit website.

Check out their weekly fishing reports online from May to October at